The Norfolk

The Norfolk

"What just happened to the Norfolk is akin to a gender reassignment, for pubs. Structurally, it's almost the same, but the details - wow, are they different. What was once an unthinking blue whale on Cleveland Street (which seemingly drew 90% of its annual income during the New Year's Day test, and otherwise subsisted on gnarled locals) is barely recognisable. John became a very glamourous Jane.

This isn't an ersatz glamour, however, it genuinely looks good. Think monochromatic black with highlights - but smart, not dingy. Interior plants and raw materials draw the beer garden inside. It's confident and pleasant without shouting about itself.

Completely overhauled is the menu, which moves along the current (and pleasing) American approach to casual dining. Bar snacks include pork belly and 'slaw rolls, hotdog sliders and chicken wings; mains are steaks, ribs and burgers; a lobster gets you four soft-shell tacos. And it's all pretty affordable. They haven't messed with the taps much, which is great, but the bar has gained a real tequila focus: lageritas will lead to some sideways afternoons, the braver amongst you can do tequilas with oyster chasers, and the plan is to offer take-home packs of the house specialities through the bottle shop."

[Quoted from Two Thousand]

305 Cleveland Street
Redfern NSW 2016
Mon-Sun 12pm-12am
Fri-Sat Open 'til 3am
02 9699 3177



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